11/15-Sunhope Investment Development Group Co-organizes 2019 International Youth Innovation Conference-Roadshow of Green Investment Project


On November 14, 2019, the 2019 International Youth Innovation Conference was grandly opened at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan). With the theme of "Youth Innovation and Sustainable Development", this conference invited 1,500 young leaders, scholars, experts and other elites from around the world to participate in the conference. Around the two major fields of science and technology and sustainable development, a hundred schools of contention and opinions were expressed. The conference received the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and the joint support of the Communist Youth League Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Commission, and the United Nations Development Program. It aims to provide a platform for the exchange and display of youth innovation worldwide.


(speech by Dr. Peng yuan, overseas angel partner of Sunhope investment group)


(Investment guests gathered)


On the afternoon of November 15, Sunhope Investment Development Group and Sunhope Venture Capital co-organized the roadshow of green investment projects at the Youth Innovation Conference. The roadshow selected 9 outstanding green environmental protection projects from around the world. These are Genecis (kitchen waste treatment and reuse technology), soil remediation agent (soil safety guard), and Haike Biological (efficient marine environmental protection and anti-pollution technology), XproEM (lithium battery recycling technology), EnvisionSQ (anti-haze series products), QuantWave (real-time intelligent wastewater monitoring technology), BOM (multipurpose pollution resistant hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane), ERIX (electrochemical deionization Technology), Engelbart(integrated decentralized wastewater treatment technology). Green, environmental protection, and sustainable development have long been the consensus of all countries in the world. Global youths come together to discuss green and development and strive to escort human living environment.


(Dr. Gao Zhaoliang, founder of Soil Remediation)


(Mr. Liu Xintong, founder of XProEM-lithium battery recycling technology project)


(EnvisionSQ-Haze Resistant Series Dr. Qiu Xin introduced the project)

The scene was enthusiastic and orderly. The founders competed to introduce their projects and showed the results of technological innovations. For example, biotechnology developed by Canadian Genecis company could decompose kitchen waste and generate organic PHA materials. The waste could generate value of 145 Canadian dollars. The company's expertise has won the 2018 championship hosted by BASF, one of the world's largest chemical companies; Hongkong Haike Biotechnology, after more than 20 years of development and experimentation, has achieved many landmark breakthrough in the industry, the founder won the second prize of the National Natural Science Award in 2016. Its products have the characteristics of highly effective antifouling activity, physical and chemical stability, low water solubility, leaching, low cost, non-toxic and harmless, etc. The application prospect and market are extremely broad.


(Genecis-Introduction Project of the founder of kitchen waste treatment and reuse technology)


(Dr. Ma Yan, CEO of Haike Biotechnology, introduced the project)

The 9 projects of the roadshow were favored by investors. Investors and project founders actively exchanged views, thoroughly understood the project, analyzed the value of patents held, the advantages of core products, and the future development prospects and market size of the project which could help investors seek evidences to make right investment decisions.


(Participants held signs to praise high-quality investment projects)


(Group photo)

The co-organizer of this conference, Sunhope Investment Development Group, is a diversified group with capital as the link and its business covers angel investment, VC / PE and mergers and acquisitions, real estate, innovation acceleration platforms, hotels, and properties. In the 26 years of steady development, the group focused on the development of three boutique real estate projects which include Sunhope e-metro, Golden Central international business building, Sunhope gardens. Among them, Sunhope e-metro won the "American Energy and Environmental Design Pioneer Award" (Gold level) "(LEED certification) certificate, with CBD growth and 4D ecology as the core, surrounded by Lianhua Hill, Beacon Hill, and Silver Lake, integrating office, conference, business, innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial development and hotel apartments as a whole which is suitable for business and living, own property of more than 200,000 square meters, providing services that make you feel at home, so it become a veritable benchmarking project in the core area of Meicai.


The company's Sunhope Venture Capital focuses on investing in overseas early-stage technology projects. The first phase has a scale of US $ 100 million. Its offices are set in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen which help global innovative startups connect with the Chinese market. So far, it has invested in more than 40 high-tech entrepreneurial projects, covering medical devices, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, environmental protection and green technology with investment footprints in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and so on.