08/12-"China Knot" Sunhope Global Roadshow Successfully Ended


"China Knot" Sunhope Global Chinese Technology Project Roadshow Successfully Ended

On the afternoon of August 12, the first stop of the "China knot" Sunhope Global Chinese Science and Technology Project Roadshow hosted by Sunhope Investment Group was officially launched by Sunhope's international science and technology accelerator-Science and Technology E Station.  Mr. Ouyang Yiping, CEO of Sunhope Investment Group, Dr. Peng Yuan, founding partner of the overseas angel investment team, as well as investment entrepreneurs and related industry representatives from the technology industry attended the roadshow. This event attracted global outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs to show their projects in Shenzhen which could help them promoted the docking of projects with China's channels, supply chains and financing resources to accelerate the project's growth and implementation.


(Ouyang yiping(CEO) and guest)


(Dr. Peng and guests)

At the beginning of the roadshow, the opening speech was delivered by CEO Ouyang Yiping. President Ou expressed a sincere welcome to the project investment entrepreneurs who came to the sharing session and fully affirmed the project prospects in the fields of science and technology, medical treatment and artificial intelligence. These projects are not only high-profile and future-oriented investment fields, they will also deeply affect the development and appearance of society and become value-added capital in various industries. Subsequently, Dr. Peng Yuan, the overseas angel investment partner, represented the significance of the roadshow in Shenzhen, expressed his expectation and emphasis on this Chinese technology projects, and hoped that outstanding entrepreneurial projects from all walks of life will actively participate in cooperation, make joint efforts and seek common development.


(Speech by Mr.Ouyang yiping (CEO))


 (Speech by Dr. Peng yuan)

The roadshow was divided into the first half and the second half. A total of 15 outstanding global Chinese projects were shared which involved in technology, medical, communications and other major industries, such as Conavi company " the most advanced imaging system for minimally invasive cardiac surgery in the world ",  Breathhonix's" Lung Detection Lung Cancer Project ", R-Storm's" High-altitude Cleaning Robot Project ", VOX Dei's" NLP-based Text Analysis Software Project ", etc. The world's top innovation and entrepreneurship teams came together to share advanced technology concepts and achievements in their respective fields; and for emerging technologies and products that have been successfully developed, the entrepreneurial teams also did in-depth market experience sharing.


At 5:30 pm, the roadshow ended successfully in the relaxed and free exchange between the teams. Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Countries around the world are struggling to occupy the commanding heights of scientific and technological innovation. Scientific and technological innovation has not only become a global consensus, but also has led the development trend of the times with tremendous power. Sunhope Investment Group actively embraces the era and technology and takes the construction of science and technology e-station as an opportunity to continue to attract high-end technology and medical projects roadshows and stationed, hopes to provide more services for science and technology, helps breakthroughs in core technologies, and contributes to the development of science and technology power.