06/25-The Interconnect Conference with CRESCENDO GROUP


On the morning of June 25, 2019, Sunhope VC team and CRESCENDO GROUP held a meeting in eNova incubator in Shenzhen, on the theme of high-tech investment. The two sides, based on their respective characteristics and advantages as investment institutions, hope to seek closer reciprocal cooperation in the future.


Douglas, founding partner of Progressive Capital, introduced that in the past 15 years, CRESCENDO GROUP has gradually grown from a foundation in Geneva to a highly sought-after global investment institution. Through its affiliates and external partnerships, CRESCENDO GROUP has entered all global markets and has a high risk diversified portfolio. They has a stable, active and experienced professional team, its core investment areas include private banking, traditional and alternative investment management, real estate investment and private equity investment.



At the meeting, Mr. Ouyang Yiping, a partner of SVC, introduced the fund background, investment principles and style of SVC. Similar to SVC, the initial management fund of CRESCENDO GROUP also comes from family office, which provides more reference for the development path of SVC. According to the founding partner of CRESCENDO GROUP, Israel has a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation. It is a holy place for angel investors to seek high-quality investment objectives. CRESCENDO GROUP focuses on innovation environment and investment opportunities. It has accumulated many years of experience in venture capital in Israel. It has not only an excellent investment team, but also a strong resource advantage in local venture capital market. Able to accurately and timely identify and grasp the investment value of star-up companies. In addition, the future development plan of the CRESCENDO GROUP in Greater China is also introduced.



Dr. Peng Yuan, founding partner of SVC, further explored the rationality of valuation criteria for Israeli venture projects, and introduced the strong financial background of China's market for early investment projects and the regional advantages of production and processing chain system.


The two sides further exchanged and studied their own resources and investment experience in high-tech venture capital, and expressed their expectation that they could make use of their respective resources in the local market of Israel, the regional market of China and the global high-tech venture capital market to complement each other, draw on each other's strengths, and form a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation relationship.